Credit Ratings

Banconal’s ratings are driven by the potential support it would receive from its owner, the Republic of Panama.


  • International Long Term Rating:  BBB-, with Stable Outlook
  • International Short Term Rating:  F3
  • National Long Term Rating:   AAA (pan), with stable Outlook
  • National Short Term Rating:  F1+ (pan)

MOODYS (November 2022)

  • Counterparty Risk Rating:  Baa1/P-2
  • Long Term Senior Unsecured Debt:  Baa2, with Negative Outlook
  • Bank Deposits:  Baa2/P-2, with stable Outlook

STANDARD & POORS (August 2022)

  • International Long Term Rating: BBB, with Negative Outlook
  • International Short Term Rating: A-2